All about the bake, 'bout the bake no diet…


Hello, and welcome bakerlifeblog! This blog is really just for me to store all my baking masterpieces and mishaps, creations and crap-fests. I’ll reference recipes I’ve used and generally just wax-poetic about the wonders of whatever my current craving is. I also love reading and am a librarian, so there may be the odd book review thrown in just for fun, because who needs consistency? Enjoy! – Kelly 🙂

April 2017 – So I have realised that I write about lots of random stuff besides baking and the odd book review. Whatever random activity I get up to I will probably write about, just so you’re all aware! Hope any readers I have (I’m not holding out hope that I actually have any readers, but you never know) don’t mind the eclectic content I write.